Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Interior Storm Damage

Hurricane Sally, struck the FL panhandle hard. Our crews were on-site to assist with the aftermath. This property had hard wood floors damaged and sheetrock wit... READ MORE

Garage Damage from Hurricane

SERVPRO of Columbus, GA is apart of the Storm Team. We travel to different states when disasters strike! In the photo approve you will see that there was mitiga... READ MORE

Crawlspaces during Hurricane Sally

Some homes in Florida are considered high risers. This home in particular has a crawlspace. So when Hurricane Sally flooded the area the water was trapped withi... READ MORE

Before & After of Hurricane Sally

SERVPRO of Columbus, took part in the cleaning of Hurricane Sally down in the Pensacola region of Florida. Most properties had flood damage due to high raise in... READ MORE

Roof Tarps

High Winds, Heavy Rains, Roof Damage, Property Damage. During storms we are able to assist a homeowner if they have experienced high Winds, missing shingles, or... READ MORE

Heavy Winds - Tree Removal

During high winds a lot of properties will experience Tree and landscape damage to their structures. SERVPRO of Columbus is equipped and ready for the call. For... READ MORE